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Current Featured Question - December 16, 2005

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What happens when the Owners don't want to be the Owners?  We have identified whom be believe to be the Owners and tried to connect with them.  We have attempted multiple approaches, but they are truly not interested acting as Owners.  They have little interest in creating a voice other than to represent their own personal needs. 


First, it is not unusual to have some Owners not see themselves as Owners.  You can't make them be Owners, just because you are willing to listen to them.  However, it is pretty unusual for all of them to not be willing to speak as Owners.  Given what you have stated, there are at least two possible strategies that you might use.  First, some of their personal interests may translate into Ends.  These may simply be the Ends, even thought they are strictly personal.  The second strategy is to make a best guess at what they would say if they were willing to act as Owners.  There is another option, which may not seem as obvious.  You might want to reconsider whether this group of people should be identified as the Owners. 

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