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Policy Governance® Board Excellence
Assessment Manual

One of the biggest challenges facing Boards that have adopted Policy Governance® is how to continue to increase their skills in the use of the governance model.  The Board Excellence Assessment Manual has been developed to help Boards identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Boards will be able to assess themselves over a comprehensive range of performance criteria:  Owner Relationship, Ends Management, Board Self-Management, Executive Relationship, Board-Level Relationships, and Organizational Performance.  These criteria provide a framework for Policy Governance® performance excellence. 

Request a free Essential Board Assessment which is based on the Board Excellence Assessment Manual on the Board Guidebook page.

This assessment generally follows the format established by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence, although specifically designed for Boards that have adopted Policy Governance®. 

Note:  Although this assessment strives to provide a framework for Boards to improve their performance with Policy Governance®, it has not been endorsed by John Carver, his organization,  or the International Policy Governance® Association.  

The Policy Governance® Board Excellence Manual is designed for Boards that want to be world class.  It provides an assessment designed for a deeper and more thorough analysis of Board governance.  This 30 plus page document provides a comprehensive analysis of a Board's approach to Policy Governance®.

In addition, Boards may apply for a Board Feedback Review of their Board Excellence assessment.  This independent review will provide a detailed report outlining strengths and opportunities for improvement to supplement and validate the findings in the self-assessment.  

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