Policy Governance® Simplified
for Credit Unions

Policy Governance has been adopted by a sizeable number of credit unions, both large and small across the United States.  Interest in the model continues to grow as more volunteers and executives are exposed to it.  One of the struggles is to understand the model within the context of credit unions.  There are nuances that apply to credit unions or definitional shifts that need to be understood.  Most of these revolve around the role of members as both owners and customers. 

Within the framework of Policy Governance, most boards have not aligned themselves with members as owners.  Policy Governance defines the role of members-as-owners and the relationship between them on the board.  This refocusing or redefinition can provide a regeneration of the energy that originally created the credit union.

This web page is an attempt to provide a simple way to describe Policy Governance for Credit Unions.  This is not meant to be a full description or a glossary of terms, and for many, especially those new to Policy Governance, it will be too short.  However, a definition of terms can be found at the Policy Governance Annotated Glossary

Policy Governance® Theory: 

The Policy Governance® Model:

Specific Implications for Credit Unions

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